Helping new members get started on Flickr

San Francisco Macro Flickr photowalk event photos

Over the years, we’ve helped many people –– photographers, institutions, artists, and more –– get started on Flickr. These one-on-one conversations have helped us learn about what people are hoping to accomplish on Flickr and how we can help them get there. Whether that’s getting feedback on your photography and art, sharing your work with a wider audience, or finding people who share your interests, all of our work is aligned around helping you reach these goals.

In this spirit and in an effort to welcome new members as they join Flickr, we’re recording an interview that addresses some of these frequently asked questions, including:

  • How can I make sure other members of the Flickr community can find my work?
  • How can I find Flickr members that share my interests?
  • How can I get meaningful feedback on my work?

What other questions or topics do you think should be addressed? What information helped you get started and find value in being a member of the Flickr community?

Share your feedback with us here and we’ll follow up soon with our launch date for the orientation video. Thank you!