Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social, 1/27/2023

Hi all! Welcome to another installment of “Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social”.

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Happy Chinese New Year  🐰 2023

“Happy Chinese New Year 🐰 2023” – Eden | The Art of Photography

Yellowstone National Park

“Yellowstone National Park” – Michael Kerick

Sans Titre

“Sans Titre – Paris” – O’s Photo Project

An Indian Roller in flight

“An Indian Roller in flight. A colorful bird that is common throughout the country and is the state bird for many South Indian States. These are found all the way to the Middle East and are easily identified by their unique colors. The are about 30-35 cms and mostly sighted perched on power lines, fence posts and sometimes on grass bales in the countryside.

The birds hunt insects like beetles, grasshoppers and dragonflies. Sometimes they are seen on the ground in the grass picking up insects. They are not social birds and sightings are of solitary birds or at best two of them. We sighted several in the Western State of Gujarat last week – big large ones and I was quite happy to see them since we are seeing less of them in my home state.” –  Hari K Patibanda

Maple🍁   #inexplore

“Maple” – a_Jiro_Hanaki


“Teddy. Re-edit of an older photo from the archives.” –  Zack Huggins


“Yummy at Dolcinotti” – Domina Petric


“Spaces” – Roman Verner

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genteel violence

“Genteel Violence. Day 262/365; Week 38 Theme: Fauna (Sep 19-Sep 25)The mantis is a contradiction on several levels. Though beloved by children and known for its posture that looks like prayer, it is the insect version of the weasel, a calculating killer with a seemingly insatiable appetite (which will readily eat others of its own kind, though the idea that the female often eats her mate seems to be largely based on observations in captivity with one or two species of mantis). And though the mantis is a violent killer, it is a particularly dainty eater. One might think this mantis is at a tea party!

The color behind the mantis is goldenrod and the lines are its legs.

It waits patiently, grabs prey faster than the eye can see, dismembers it dispassionately, eats it, and then calmly drops wings and other inedible portions so it can be ready to kill again. And though it has a reputation as a beneficial insect because it eats other insects, I rarely see it eating a beetle or other plant eater. Prey nearly always seems to be bees or butterflies or, here, a harmless paper wasp. I suspect this field would have a lot more butterflies in it if it didn’t have so many mantises and ambush bugs. (Ambush bugs don’t prey on anything larger than skippers, but skippers several times the size of ambush bugs get taken readily, as do honeybees and other bees.)” –Cheryl Molin

Public Display of Affection

“Public Display of Affection. No doubt these Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus) from Plenty Gorge are truly in love.”  – Boris

Milky Way.jpg

“Milky Way. Taking advantage to shoot the Milky Way before it vanishes form the winter skies. Milky way rising as the moon sets at Pfieffer Beach – Big Sur” – Thomas B

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