Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social, 5/12/2023

Hi all! It’s another Friday, and we are inviting you all to check out this week’s installment of “Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social”. 

Every Friday, we share some of our favorites from the week, that have been shared to the Flickr Social group. If you’d like a chance for your own photos to be featured, join us over in Flickr Social and start sharing those photos!



Bobbi, the female American Kestral....

“Bobbi, the female American Kestral. One more from last Saturday’s Birds of Prey Photo Shoot at Blandford Nature Center. This is one of my favorite birds but rarely see in the wild.” –

Flower Power

“Flower Power. Nikon FM, 50mm 1.4. Fujicolor 200, developed in Cinestill Cs41. Camerascan, reversed in Darktable Negadoctor” –


“Sakura” –

Sunrise! Lover's Knoll Sedona - Explored 12 May 2023

“Sunrise! Lover’s Knoll Sedona. The sun is up, but from my point of view it is still behind the mountain to the left. But it is putting some lovely light on Capitol Rock and Courthouse Butte on the right. Apache Maid Mountain and Tabletop Mountain are in the distance.” –

Frog pond. Nikon P1000

“Frog pond. Nikon1000” –


“Uzbekistan” –

Happy Furry Friday...

“Happy Furry Friday” –

See you next week!