Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social, 7/28/2023

Hello! It’s time to check out another installment of “Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social”. 

Each week we look through submissions to the Flickr Social Group photo pool and choose some of our favorites to be highlighted. If you’d like a chance for your own photos to be featured, join us over in Flickr Social and start sharing those photos! Missed last month’s orange takeover? Check it out here.

the whole world under your feet

“The whole world under your feet. France, Bretagne -2022 rocks of Meledan” – Cornelis Dumoulin

Dehjiah (ii)

“Dehjiah (ii)” – Bureau 623

M&S in the dark

“Self-portrait with cat” – marcus greco


“Szentendre” – zczillinger

Black & Yellow Broadbill (m) _ Bukit Tinggi ☺

“Black & Yellow Broadbill (m)” – Johnson


“B/W” – LT. Z


“Orange reverie” – Jacqueline Tolcott

Hey, where are you going?

“Hey, where are you going?”- Michael Geran

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