Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social, 12/15/2023

Happy Friday! We’re kicking off the weekend with some of our favorite photos from Flickr Social this week. If you’d like to have one of your own photos featured, join us in Flickr Social and start sharing your photos!

*Coyote Buttes South @ rock patterns*

“Coyote Buttes South @ rock patterns” –


“Lighthouse” –


“She smacked my camera, the camera smacked my eyeball in the viewfinder and got a mild black eye from it the next morning….” –

When you just gotta snack mid photoshoot!!

“When you just gotta snack mid photoshoot!! Half the weight of a house mouse (5g) he could navigate these grasses admirably. Photographed amongst grasses at British wildlife Centre, Surrey, UK.” –

C H I C A G O tracks

“C H I C A G O tracks” –

...and the baking begins!

“…and the baking begins! Countdown to Christmas and Toll House cookies are first!” –

right angle

“Right angle” –

Beach Day / Dia de Playa

“Beach Day / Dia de Playa”  –

December’s Explore Takeover: Patterns

This month, on Thursday, December 28th, we’ll be curating a takeover celebrating PATTERNS! We invite you to share photos that feature patterns in the Flickr Social discussion here. Whether it’s a checkerboard, kaleidoscope, or stripes – let’s see what you’ve got! Check out a few that have been shared so far.

Star Spine

“Star Spine” – 

Salatini 'tre sapori' prima della cottura.

“Salatini ‘tre sapori’ prima della cottura.” –

Jeondeungsa Temple Lanterns

“Jeondeungsa Temple Lanterns” –

Have a great weekend!

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