Flickr Group Feature – Four astrophotography Flickr groups to watch!

The Milky Way, the International Space Station and me.

photo by Michael Seeley

With the total solar eclipse less than a month away, now is the time to start preparing for the big event and spending some time focused on the sky. Astrophotography is a much loved genre of photography that focuses on photos of objects and events appearing in the sky. Flickr has an active astrophotography community and if you are looking for a way to learn more and see the beautiful shots of other astrophotography enthusiasts, we’re here to help point you in the right direction. Flickr groups are a great way to discover new photographers and connect with Flickr members who share similar interests. As the solar eclipse quickly approaches, we’re sharing some popular Flickr groups focused on astrophotography. Check these groups out and find your inspiration and community!


This Flickr group is focused specifically on eclipses so it is a great place to start if you’d like to see how other photographers have caught eclipse pictures in the past. Here you can check out the photo pool and see what type of gear is being used to capture these stunning moments. Start a brand new discussion about this year’s upcoming eclipse to hear about location scouting and tips on photographing the event from other eclipse fans.

Solar Eclipse October 25 2022

photo by Laura Ngo

Universe Today

This Flickr group is tied to an external astronomy and space news site of the same name. Universe Today features news on NASA projects, cosmic events and more! Photos shared in this group are not limited to eclipses, all types of astrophotography shots are shared here and may even be considered to be featured on Universe Today’s official site. Learn more about the group here!

Over the Sugarloaf Rock

photo by Paean Ng

Astro Imaging

If you’re looking for an abundance of beautiful astrophotography, this group may be just what you need. Many of the photographers in this group provide helpful details about their shots and their processes in capturing these photos so make sure as you scroll through, you check out the photo captions. Take your time as you peruse this collection so you don’t miss any tips and tricks from the talented photographers who are sharing photos here.

Gorgeous Galaxy

photo by Kees Scherer


Formed almost 10 years ago, this Astronomy group has an enormous collection of over 175K photos submitted by almost 17k group members! Ask questions or join in the discussions with other photographers about all things celestial. As with the other astrophotography groups, make sure to check out the captions on the photos.  Join the group and follow some of the photographers here to add the striking images to your Flickr activity feed as they come in!

Perseid Meteor Shower (NHQ201608120002)

photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls

Feeling inspired yet?

Don’t forget that NASA has you covered on all things solar eclipse. Make sure to get your eclipse glasses and other gear lined up and in hand soon so you are prepared to view the eclipse safely. If you’d like another look at the path of totality, you can find NASA’s most up to date map on their official solar eclipse site!

2017 Total Solar Eclipse (NHQ201708210108)

photo by NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

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