Travel around the world with these nature and landscape Flickr groups!

Spring in Sweden where the fields are yellow and the sky is blue

If you’ve ever visited Flickr’s trending page, you will see that nature and landscape photography takes center stage on a regular basis. That is for good reason, there are endless opportunities to capture unique, beautiful and diverse images within these photographic themes. For example, just check out our recent Flickr Social discussion thread, highlighting Earth themed photos for tomorrow’s Earth Explore Takeover. There are over 2,000 replies to the thread, showing there is no shortage of nature and landscape photographers on Flickr.

Nature and Landscape Flickr Groups have thrived on Flickr from the very beginning and we want to introduce you to a few of them. From mountains, to oceans and all of the natural world in between, we want to introduce you to some of these popular Flickr groups. If they inspire you, give them a join!

Fir in a misty beech forest.

The Intimate Landscape

This group focuses on the small details of landscape photography but don’t be mistaken, this is not a place for macro photography. Take a moment to see the big picture around you but then enjoy the details of that beauty for a bit. There are so many beautiful shots to be seen and appreciated in this beautiful Flickr group

Mount Nishi Hodaka

Just Mountains

The name of this group covers the group description pretty well. Unlike the previous group, this one requires you to step back and do your best to capture the grand and gorgeous presence of the mountains. Don’t be fooled, while mountains are one very specific subject, the different mountain ranges vary in color, texture, flora and fauna so this group does not lack diversity.

late summer pink

Nature’s Composition

Any subject matter that is from the natural world is welcome in this group. Started back in 2007, the Nature’s Composition Flickr group consists of over 25,00 Flickr members! With over 1 million photos already shared here, this group is definitely not one to miss.


Nature, Anything Goes

This family friendly group encourages nature photos of all types including animals, insects, flowers and more. Save your photos featuring humans for another group though, they prefer strictly nature scenes of the non-human variety. The photo pool is being added to daily and you can find over 1 million photos in this gorgeous collection celebrating nature in all its beauty. 

Luz tenue y belleza infinita en Sierra Nevada

Landscapes Only

Finally, we’d like to highlight the Landscapes Only Flickr group. This group provides a great place to see the differing points of view from over 50,000 Flickr members through the landscape photos they capture and share here. This group’s photo pool will walk you through landscapes from all over the world, so give it a scroll and enjoy the journey!


We are continuing our Earth Day celebration by showing our appreciation of this beautiful planet with tomorrow’s Earth themed Explore Takeover. Flickr members know how to capture the beauty of this planet with so much creativity and authenticity and we thank you all for sharing your views with us and being part of the Flickr community!

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