All aboard, we’re honoring train photography on Flickr!

Passing Trains, Passing Lives

“Passing Trains, Passing Lives”- Jason Hood

National Train Day is celebrated in the United States on the Saturday closest to May 10th every year since its inception in 2008, but on Flickr, our train photography community is international and Flickr members share their love of trains every day. A quick search of trains on Flickr will result in over 1 million photos and hundreds of Flickr groups all dedicated to trains. Meet some of the photographers on Flickr who enjoy train photography and check out the trains, the tracks and their stories.

Train on the viaduct over the River Kent at Arnside.

“Train on the viaduct over the River Kent at Arnside.” – by kyliepics

Flickr member kyliepics gives some backstory to their appreciation for train photography. “Years ago, I spent a lot of time with my father running up and down the country ‘train spotting’ and taking photographs. His was the generation that grew up in the post war period, saw the end of steam in the UK, and possibly the last that viewed the job of engine driver as something heroic. Our train trips took us all over the UK. Though not as great an enthusiast, I have some of his interest still in the engineering of our Victorian past.

Train View (0194)

“Train View (0194)- Leaving Chicago, a major train hub of the country”- hp light

Photographer and Flickr member hp light describes an epic train trip where travel and photography all by rail, created an amazing cross country adventure. “Taking a train trip in the United States has been on my bucket list for years. In spring of 2022, still amid the COVID restriction era, I bought an Amtrak rail pass, started my first U.S. train trip, passing the north, west and central portions of the country. I enjoyed great sceneries through the train window; drove past amazing parks, mountains and coasts in between; met many interesting and wonderful people on the road; and took numerous photos along the way.

Certified insane ...

“Certified insane …”- Amanda Bosworth

“I enjoy watching and photographing trains. It is a good and mostly quiet activity that I can do with my young children from the car or in lawn chairs with a book. I like to photograph interesting things I see and try and decipher graffiti messages like the one in this photo. I have an album of some of my train and railroad photos at my Flickr spot so please come by and look and say hello if you feel you want to do so.”

Check out some highlights from Flickr Social!

We put a callout for train photos in the Flickr Social group and received so many amazing train photos from Flickr members. We’ve collected many of those into a Flickr gallery so make sure to check that out and see this wonderful collection of photos.

Approaching the Washington/Wells Station

“Approaching the Washington/Wells Station”- Jim Frazier

Bright Side of Metro

“Bright Side of Metro”- PZ Sunrays

Resting in the warm evening sun - My entry for "Flickr Friday" #500 theme "Nostalgia"

“Resting in the warm evening sun”- Martin Baertges

RE 8 goes through

“RE 8 goes through”- Werner Krause

CPR 2816 Southbound (Redux)

“CPR 2816 Southbound (Redux)”- Jim Frazier

A special shout out to the train enthusiasts on Flickr today and every day. We’re so happy to have you in the Flickr community, archiving and sharing stories about this epic form of transportation.

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