50 people see…

Flickr member brevity made a little app that takes photos and creates an "average" image out of them. He chooses 50 photos tagged with, say […]

On the table

Flickr will be down for a little bit of undetermined length as we put it under and try to diagnose problems that started last night […]

Flickr Flakiness

We do apologize, but Flickr might be coming up and going down today at irregular and unplanned intervals as we work though some unfortunate fallout […]

Flickr API Apps

One of the things I love about Flickr is its openness. We are open as a company, participating in discussions with our members on public […]


The new Flickr group Technique is off to a great start. Its discussion forums feature Flickr members revealing their photographic methods, and its photo pool […]


So over at Bloglines I track of feed of Flickr photos tagged with “me”; here’s one of my favorite self-portraits there found: See more of […]