O Canada!

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian members! Read on to enjoy some beautiful and inspiring shots from “the True North strong and free”.

Happy Camera Day!

Through the years, photography has touched every one of our lives on many personal levels, from old black and white snapshots to camera-phone selfies. To celebrate National Camera Day, we have highlighted some of the most influential cameras from photography’s history and the lasting moments they continue to help us capture.

#TwitterTuesday: Exposure

Yesterday we asked you to show us your most interesting shot with an unusual #Exposure for #TwitterTuesday. You presented a huge variety of analog and digital exposures including long exposures during night and day and even double and triple exposures from around the world.

Lifeguard huts

See more in the Lifeguard Hut group. Photos from Ian Rawlinson, Nicholas` Moffat, Kevin Balluff, Bill T, Andrew, Richard Kolasa, Duane Schoon, CoastalJester and gastelllo.

Yashica Mat City Scenes

  The Yashica Mat was released in 1957. It’s a twin-lens reflex medium-format camera featuring a wind lever and auto-cocking shutter. Designed for 6x6cm medium […]