Captivating cloudscapes

Much of our community adores capturing what’s brewing in the sky, and it’s always fascinating to see what’s new in sky photography. So we browsed through trending photography of cloudscapes and came up with this showcase of cloud activity from around the world.

Moments with the moon

Last week, we curated a Moonlit scenery gallery, inspired by the many excellent shots of the moon rises, full moons, and other scenes with moon cameos. Here’s a bonus selection, including the moon in a pink sky from the Antarctic Circle to the moon melting on Lake Michigan’s horizon.

Partial solar eclipse seen from Australia

At the end of last month, this year’s first partial solar eclipse was spectacularly visible in some parts of Australia. The partially blocked sun appeared in cloudy skyscapes filled with a spectrum of cool and warm tones taken from photographers based in Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane.

Night scenery

A worldwide selection of most-viewed photography uploaded recently that captures wonderful scenery at night. See, and share, more photos in the Sensational Night Shots gallery […]