Animal photobombs

With pictures snapping everywhere these days, photo-bombing has become a favorite pastime for goofball opportunists. These photos however, prove that sometimes the funniest photo-bombers are our unsuspecting furry friends.

‘The Adventures of Mr. Fly’

It’s ironic to think a fly created so much buzz online, but that’s exactly what happened. When Belgian web designer Nicholas Hendrickx posted “The Adventures of Mr. Fly” series, hundreds of thousands of people clicked on his photostream just to see where one little bug would turn up next.

Weekend Samplr

      Photos from Pete Zelewski, Olivier.Red, themexican, Milos Gazdic, Quassar_x, anthony pappone photographer, Chitra_A, Petur Bjarni, and Siza Padovan, all uploaded around the weekend.