More new map tiles

We’ve added new tiles from OpenStreetMap for two cities on the Flickr world map:

For Kabul, Afghanistan…

1976.08-06a Kabul 1976

Destroyed Kabul    Women's Garden, Kabul, Afghanistan

Birds of Kabul    blue glass Kabul

An advertisement for a weight room and gym in Kabul. Karte Seh, Kabul.


…and Baghdad, Iraq.

good man

Palms - Ferrotype

The pictures in Kabul are from jddorren08, martien van asseldonk, susanmhall, deckwalker, Wendy Tanner, UNHCR, crzy_ray and the images taken in Baghdad are by Ammar almosawy, NikonShooter, and

In other geostuffs, Aaron has written a post over at about the new “shape files” we’ve (well, Aaron & Dan really) been able to create from all the geodata you’ve given us. A shape file shows what Flickr thinks the “edges” of a country, state, city and even a neighbourhood are. Super cool!

Posted by George Oates