Tottenham Riots

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Tottenham riot fires

Tottenham High Road    Tottenham Riots - 6th August 2011


Tottenham Riots - 6th August 2011    Tottenham High Road

riots in Tottenham and moving towards me in Edmonton

Police - Tottenham Riot - 6th August 2011    IMG_9756

Fire Engine - Aftermath of Tottenham Riots

"Rioters went on the rampage in north London on Saturday, torching police cars, a bus and a shop amid widespread looting following a protest over the fatal shooting of a man by armed officers. The patrol cars and the double-decker bus were set ablaze as hundreds ran amok outside the police station on the High Road in Tottenham."Yahoo! News

More photos of Tottenham from the last weekend.

Photos from steven_kelly |, Nicobobinus, suburbanslice, heardinlondon, boysnips, and AndrewPagePhotography.

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