Worldwide wind instruments

The snake charmer

The Pungi, “a wind instrument played by snake charmers in India


Music for Wallabys

The didjeridu, “a straight horn, made from a termite hollowed tree trunk or branch, used in the ceremonial and dance music of Australia’s aboriginal people


8. Alboka Topaketa (61 of 91)

The dlboka, “a double hornpipe or clarinet native to the Basque Country



The Magyar duda—Hungarian duda, “the traditional bagpipe of Hungary


Uncle Ja Yo, is a Lahu musician playing Nor Ku Ma, Ban Bor Kai village, Thailand

The Lusheng, “a Chinese musical instrument with multiple bamboo pipes, each fitted with a free reed, which are fitted into a long blowing tube made of hardwood


Inspired by les yeux heureux‘s gallery the music of wind. Make sure you check out the whole gallery where les yeux heureux gives background on all of the instruments shown here and more.

Photos from oum08, pointybunny, etxebaiker, 9595638@N03, and Eric Lafforgue.

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