A Flickrnic in Oxford

Oxford Flickrnic 2010

IMG_5360     solo Iwo Jima hommage

Aerobie Distance Throwing Championships

The Oxford group is organizing their 4th Flickrnic this Sunday in University Parks. If you are in the area, it’s your chance to meet some fellow Flickr members and have fun together. For more details and RSVP see Upcoming and Jazza2‘s announcement in the group.

And if you want to meet some fellow Flickr members in your area, you can find a listing of Flickr related events in our group on Upcoming. Or you can check out our groups page and find one of your city, town, or area to see if there are any meetings taking place. If not, why not go start a new discussion and set one up by yourself?

Fotos von taperoo2k, Jazza2, Margaret Stranks, and Al Power.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen