During our break

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Flickr come back!! [FlickrMassageOct2011]

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Y ahora?

WHY?   While Flickr was away...


When we had to send Flickr on a time-out to the spa a couple of hours ago, we asked you to get hold of your camera and take a picture to upload once we are back. It was amazing to see that you kept the good spirits, beared with us and submitted many wonderful photos.

Above is just a small selection of all photos taken during our break, but it is worth checking out all the other great contributions to our little project with a tag search for FlickrMassageOct2011. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Once again, we apologize to everyone who was affected by the down-time!

Above photos from Daisy Lockitt [Photography], slightly everything, █ fo112 █, Lisandro M. Enrique, blah.adam, mikehillman1983, and josteinsen.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen