Costa Concordia run aground off the Italian coast

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Costa Concordia Shipwreck

Passengers had just settled down to a relaxed dinner when the first shock was felt, launching them into a terrifying ordeal as their liner flipped over off the coast of Italy. “We heard a loud rumble, the glasses and plates fell from the tables, the ship tilted and the lights went off,” said passenger Luciano Castro, describing the first moments after the giant liner Costa Concordia hit a rock. For the 1,000-strong crew of the Costa Concordia, a floating resort that boasted seven restaurants, a dozen bars and the largest spa and biggest cinema ever built on a cruise ship, it was a routine trip conducted throughout the year. But there was confusion that turned quickly to panic and chaos after the shock was felt among the passengers and the army of waiters, musicians and entertainers on board.Yahoo! News

Photos from rvongher, Nephelim and Alessandro Corradini.

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