Time for a massage

3:15 pm PST: Hey everyone, the massage was a success and we’re slowly coming back. Thanks a lot for your patience!

2:45 pm PST: Looks already better, but word is the massage session might still take a smidgen longer. We appreciate your patience.

2:14 pm PST: Our chiropractors have found the spot and are applying gentle pressure right now. If all goes well, we should be back shortly.

2:06 pm PST: The servers are still not comfortable, but we’re getting closer to finding the source of the lumbago. We’ll keep you updated right here, as soon as we know more.

1:43 pm PST: We’re having a small hardware hiccup and some servers need to get a gentle massage by our knowledgeable engineers. Apologies for the disruption, we’ll keep you posted in this space and it will hopefully not take long. Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen