Happy Songkran! สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์

Bangkok - Songkran 2012 366/103

Kill them all

The neighbourhood kids are vicious! Can't go ten feet without getting completely drenched! Happy #Songkran indeed! Happy Songkran everyone! Songkran 2012 Khaosan road


The Thai New Year celebrations took place this weekend. Happy (belated) Songkran Day! Discover more Songkran photos.

Photos from ramny, patrickdevries2003, gongzstudio, Carlos Nizam, laperlenoire, teachingsagittarian, and JCS75.

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Remembering the Titanic

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SS 'Titanic' leaving Southampton.

Survivors of TITANIC on CARPATHIA (LOC)     Louis & Lola ?-- TITANIC survivors (LOC)

Rescued lifeboats from the Titanic

100 years ago, the RMS Titanic sank in the north Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg. Her sinking is one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history with approximately 1,500 casualties.

The tragedy caused widespread public outrage, and inquiries set up in the wake of the disaster recommended sweeping changes to maritime regulations that led to the establishment of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea in 1914. It still governs maritime safety today.

You can see more historic images related to the Titanic tragedy in The Commons on Flickr.

Photos from National Maritime Museum, The Library of Congress, and State Library of Queensland, Australia.

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Sakura at Meguro River

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目黑川櫻並木 Meguro River / Tokyo, Japan

中目黒桜まつり Meguro River cherry blossoms Sakura Sakura


Discover more beautiful cherry blossom photos along Meguro river in our meguro search results.

Photos from yameme, GLIDEi7, Jimmy Gordon, yuki_september, and m.ishikawa inspired by m.ishikawa‘s set 20120406_meguro.

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It’s a small world after all

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A few days ago, ETU! sent us a message to tell us about something very special.

Porta Nigra girl In May 2011, ETU! was in Trier and visited, among other places, the Porta Nigra. While she was following her tour guide, another photographer caught her attention: He carried her dream camera, the Canon EOS 5D II, and was excitedly taking shots all over the Porta Nigra.

"Even then I was already very curious what his photos might look like, but — of course — assumed I would never be able to see them."

The photographer moved on and ETU! redirected her attention back to her tour. In another room of the Porta Negra, she immediately noticed the large window and the beautiful light that was cast into the room through it.

"And then the little girl appeared, my Porta Nigra Girl, and stepped directly and without invitation in front of the window. I steadied myself and quickly pushed the shutter."

What ETU! did not know was that, at the same time, the other photographer took a photo of the girl from another angle.

"When I arrived at home, I noticed that the window’s ‘frame’ at the upper part of my image was unfortunately cut off and not fully inside the frame. Nevertheless I uploaded the photo to Flickr and added it to the ‘Trier, Germany’ group."

Two days later, ETU! received a Flickrmail with the subject line "It’s a small world after all" from Es Feer. He was the photographer whose images ETU! had wanted to see. He wrote from his home in the Netherlands and said he had found her picture in the Trier group adding that the little girl is his daughter.

My little Angel

"I was so surprised that I wasn’t even able to respond immediately. And I was even more surprised and overwhelmed how small the the Flickrverse is and how it can connect people! Even today I am happy when I see photos of the ‘Porta Nigra Girl’ in her father’s stream, as my photo of her is still one of my most favorite ones I took, and in addition one of my most viewed and most faved images of all time."

Thank you ETU!, for sharing your story with us!

Photos from ETU! and Es Feer.

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A few photos from Tuesday


One of the magnificent creations!        -  Explore

Ace of Spades


Bears at Play  [Explored]

The Party's Over - Pushkar

All photos freshly uploaded from nurdug2010, Jehane, farzinho❞, DQmountaingirl”, Douglas Brown, and Rabari-Fan.

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One Day Without Shoes.

Spring Break

TOMS Shoes is raising awareness about the impact shoes can have in a child’s life and asking you to share a photo of you without shoes in their One Day Without Shoes 2012 Group.

You can find out more about this great event on the One Day Without Shoes site. Make sure you check out the learn more section of their site for more information about the difference a pair of shoes can make in a child’s life.

Photo from Jeremy Pushkin.

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Hold it for me, please?

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 reflect the tree

 skinny love

þelkwon has created the beautiful gallery Hold it for me, please? showcasing another kind of mirror portraits that allow a whole new perspective on the world around the photographer.

Photos from modernromance, Marija Kovac, Derek Fernandes, and Cana Davis.

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International Pillow Fight day in Berlin

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pillow fight


Brandenburger Tor



Easter Sunday was International Pillow Fight Day. The images here are from the Berlin feather fest. You can see photos from around the world in a search for pillow fight! or check out the International Pillow Fight Day Group.

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Announcing a new and faster photo editor from Aviary

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More exciting news from Flickr HQ! We are thrilled to share the news that we’ve partnered with Aviary to bring you a brand new photo editing experience on Flickr. We will roll the new editor out to people over the next two weeks starting this Thursday. If you don’t see it in your ‘Actions’ menu yet, check back in a couple days.

Tens of thousands of members edit their photos on Flickr each day, so we know that photo editing is something that the Flickrverse cares about. We listened to you to find out what you value the most in an online photo editor, and the the same 2 attributes kept coming back: speed and simplicity.

Speed. Editing a photo online should be fast. And we’ve worked very hard with the Aviary team to deliver a fast and uncluttered experience. Your photo loads and is ready to be edited in seconds.

Simplicity. Editing on Flickr should be simple and fun. With the Aviary editor, beginners will find that there’s almost no learning curve and more demanding users will appreciate the versatility of the tool. You can apply new app like filters, stickers, text, and save it back to your photostream with just a few clicks.


We’re also happy to share that Aviary’s editor is written in HTML5, so it’s also works on the iPad, Please go ahead and try it out, it’s awesome! You can find more technical details about the underlining technologies in our developer blog.

If you have any feedback or see any bugs let us know in the Help Forum. (And remember, if you don’t see it yet, just give it a couple days.)

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Singapore Nights

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Kitchen Of The Noodle Master

Waiting For Fruit Juice Hottest Threads In Town

Late Night Card Sharks

Mesmerized Fog Machine, Strobe Lights, and Billiards

Back-alley Life

"Chasing light and color, finding that “moment”. I never leave home without my camera, much like I never leave without my shoes. Photography has given me a means to express myself in ways I never could through other creative mediums. Through photography I try to weave a loose narrative that tells the tales of my travels and life. It is the story of complete strangers, dark alleys, neon lights, the dim glow of the late hours, and anything else that catches my eye."

Photos and quote from John Siegel. You can discover more of his stunning photos of the "Lion City" in his set Singapore Nights, or discover the city on its Places page.

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