Announcing a new and faster photo editor from Aviary

More exciting news from Flickr HQ! We are thrilled to share the news that we’ve partnered with Aviary to bring you a brand new photo editing experience on Flickr. We will roll the new editor out to people over the next two weeks starting this Thursday. If you don’t see it in your ‘Actions’ menu yet, check back in a couple days.

Tens of thousands of members edit their photos on Flickr each day, so we know that photo editing is something that the Flickrverse cares about. We listened to you to find out what you value the most in an online photo editor, and the the same 2 attributes kept coming back: speed and simplicity.

Speed. Editing a photo online should be fast. And we’ve worked very hard with the Aviary team to deliver a fast and uncluttered experience. Your photo loads and is ready to be edited in seconds.

Simplicity. Editing on Flickr should be simple and fun. With the Aviary editor, beginners will find that there’s almost no learning curve and more demanding users will appreciate the versatility of the tool. You can apply new app like filters, stickers, text, and save it back to your photostream with just a few clicks.


We’re also happy to share that Aviary’s editor is written in HTML5, so it’s also works on the iPad, Please go ahead and try it out, it’s awesome! You can find more technical details about the underlining technologies in our developer blog.

If you have any feedback or see any bugs let us know in the Help Forum. (And remember, if you don’t see it yet, just give it a couple days.)