Pillow fight!

This past Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day, which saw cushion-wielders across the world taking to the streets to gently thump and whack everyone in […]

Hanging with the hoodoos

These rock pillars, or hoodoos, tell the geologic story of erosion seen in treasured natural landscapes worldwide. Over millions of years, changes in climate conditions […]

Massive murals

Wall paintings on public display that stand out for their sheer enormity in urban environments. Explore the places where these murals were photographed: Chicago, U.S. […]


Hadouken (波動拳 hadōken?, IPA: [hadoːkẽꜜɴ]) is a Japanese neologism, literally meaning “wave motion fist” or “surge fist”. It is a special attack used by characters […]


Arashiyama, or “Storm Mountain”, is one of Japan’s designated Historic Sites and can be found on the western edge of Kyoto. The district features Shinto […]

Messy borders

Manipulating instant pack film by hand often produces eerie and surreal effects. In the above photos, expired peel-apart film has been played with to let […]