All eyes on Greenland


Solen på Sisit

Greenland Again

Coastal Greenland

Giant Iceberg, Greenland (Explored)

Packed full of glaciers, Greenland is currently credited for 10 percent of the rising sea levels globally tracked from melting ice. The Arctic country — home for a population of 57,000 now led by Aleqa Hammond, Greenland’s first female prime minister — has popped up in recent news as it undergoes pressure to allow more licensed searches for offshore oil and adjust taxation for foreign mining. Amid the focus of its geopolitical importance, the world’s largest island also happens to offer amazing ethereal views that make it a stunning location for photographers to appreciate.

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Photos from Leif Taurer, Trine og Mads, Bakis is Nearly Back, APilotsEye, and Stefan Schinning.