colors of bamboo* 04

一人静   hiding from the rainshower (Tenryuuji temple, Kyoto)


大河内山荘   colors of bamboo* 01

Cormorant fishing   ---鵜飼---

Arashiyama River Banks   Autumn Gate

Momiji (Maple leaves) 3

k   At the end of a day....

Bamboo trail

Arashiyama, or “Storm Mountain”, is one of Japan’s designated Historic Sites and can be found on the western edge of Kyoto. The district features Shinto shrines, natural parks, and a stunning walk that winds through its bamboo forest. Take some time to explore even more of Arashiyama’s beauty through photos from others who have visited.

Photos from * tathei *, Shibazo, Marser, Kevin Tadge / Laura Lamp, yocca, Teruhide Tomori, arcreyes, Marie Eve K.A., TORO*, and Silent Star 101.