#FlickrFriday: Repetition

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The commander

Day In, Day Out.

Infinity lift

Giraffe Stirrers. Nature's Way 18/52

Carpark transformed  by the dawn to "the red balloon" factory #flickrfriday #repetition

# Last Flickr Friday all we said was “Flickr Friday, Flickr Friday, Flickr Friday”, introducing our latest theme Repetition.

And you went out to gather beautiful repetitions: We saw repetitions in architecture, celebrating, colorful crowds, fractals in nature, and many other wonderful patterns all around you. Don’t miss all the contributions in the Flickr Friday group pool, and stay tuned for our next challenge that we’ll announce in less than a day!

Photos from Tobias Hone, Daniel Friesenecker, Dennis Dekkers, Beeches Photography, Alan Swan!, KhanaSpector, AJaaay, and gerard ferry.

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Posted by Kay Kremerskothen