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Parque Biblioteca España


parque biblioteca espana

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Parque Biblioteca España

The Parque Biblioteca Español in Medellín, Colombia, is part of a set of urban and social projects (Parques Biblioteca) developed for cultural and social transformation.

The landmark building is located on one of the slopes that was strongly impacted by the drug trafficking that affected Medellín in the 1980s. Since then, the district became part of a social integration program to provide equal opportunities in social and economic development to the population.

For the design of the library, architect Giancarlo Mazzanti proposed an iconic building that towers above the hilly, uniform landscape mainly consisting of small brick houses and green patches as a symbol of the new Medellín.

Visible from far away, the architect’s intention was to inspire people to identify themselves with the project and develop a greater sense of belonging. Today, the library has become one of the major sights of the area.

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Photos from Jose Alfredo Betancur, Geviller, newbeatle, newbeatle, manuela2020, * galaad *, jennygiraldo, and Sistema de Bibliotecas Públicas de Medellín.

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