[Update: We're back!] Flickr is down for scheduled maintenance

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Time for walkies!

As announced, we are currently moving the pandas to a new, greener environment. Both Flickr and the API are not reachable, but our image farms continue serving your images elsewhere if you have embedded them using static URLs (e.g. on your blog).

We’ll be back in about 8 hours. Please tune into @flickr for more frequent updates.

What are you doing #WhileFlickrIsDown? Tell us on Twitter and Tumblr. We’ll curate our favorite contributions, including tweets, posts, comments, drawings, paintings, and photos throughout the outage on whileflickrisdown.tumblr.com.

Update, 13 Sept, 6:05am PST We are back for 100% of you. If you notice any issues, please come over to the help forum and let us know. Thank you for your patience and all the great contributions to #WhileFlickrIsDown.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen