Less than 24 hours before Flickr will be out for maintenance

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We’re all set for our planned outage taking place in less than a day.

Since the site is going to be unavailable for around 8 hours, we’d love to see and hear from you what you are doing #WhileFlickrIsDown: Take a photo (or a series of them documenting your activities), write a poem or short story, paint, draw or scribble, or come up with a shortlist of activities. We know how creative you are and are already excited about your contributions before and during the outage.

While we will keep you updated on the progress on Twitter, we’d love to put you in charge of the entertaining part of the downtime: Tag your tweets and posts #WhileFlickrIsDown, and we will share your activities during the server move. Once we are back up, also upload your photos and scans to your photostream using the tag WhileFlickrIsDown so we can feature a selection right here on the blog.

We’ll be back later today as we are getting closer to switching off the lights.

Photo from saimad.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen