#Twitter Tuesday: Your First Week on Flickr

Playing with fire #3 vinnie

Boston Harbor2.jpg

Elvises 1 Heron Fishing

Dagens foto - 002 Brighton Holy hoops...

Day 7/365 Just by the lake, Ladakh, India


Wieliczka railroad by 1996 oh god

Star Shepherd

Pégase "The Delta" at Big Cypress

August flowers 2012 Playing by Ear HappyHollow18

Lotusphere_2006_0113 TMC from the Pru

Painted Ladies

Crater Lake June 5, 2006 gap

For our first installment of #TwitterTuesday, we asked you to share your favorite photo from your first week on Flickr with us. For some of us this was surely a wonderful walk down memory lane. These are some of our favorites from your submissions.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We will be back with a new theme next Tuesday.

Check out all your submissions and follow us on Twitter to see the next challenge announced directly in your feed.

Photos from Αλεξάνδρα, John Carleton, cponceactual, Michael H, DavidMarsh, petertandlund, CdL Creative, JolindaWebb, Marius Vieth, ChetanKarkhanis, D. Brim, Rrrodrigo, Hawk3ye, Jack Fusco, Wilidrine, Dan and Ann, smb815, Irina Souiki, Bubble Level, IdoNotes, j2wade, Tyler Aldrich, Kathie514, and nudnikhdk.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen