#TwitterTuesday: Green

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Ghost in the train

UK - Cotswolds - Cotswold Wildlife Park - Cricket Green Many shades of green.

The Walk

Peacock Project365/Day 83: La pinza

Green boat

74.365 Partial Portrait fx4 My neighbor

Pitch Invasion

Red and Green  Bamboo

happiness #Flickr12Days

Green light Cuban car

Magical Ice Kingdom

Our #TwitterTuesday’s hero Green is the color of growing grass and leaves, of emeralds, and of jade. In the continuum of colors of visible light, it is located between yellow and blue. It is most commonly associated with nature, the environmental movement, Ireland, Islam, spring, hope and envy, according to Wikipedia. Here’s the selection of some of our favorites.

We thank everyone who submitted a photo. You can check out all of them and follow us on Twitter to see the next challenge directly in your feed. We will be back next Tuesday with the new #TwitterTuesday theme.

Photos from mnpix, Darrell Godliman, GoodApollo_66, Christina Karchevskaya, -Harm-, srgpicker, Antti Tassberg, Noe Todorovich, Drekisath, AkaSancho, CardiganKate, Luie Druif, John Carleton, Hänsel & Gretel, joyrex, suesthegrl, and [808] Massis


Posted by Kay Kremerskothen