Go on the road with The Wild Ones!

Recently, Sarah Ann Loreth announced The Wild Ones Tour for 2014 in the United States and Canada, a road trip and workshop extravaganza that she’s leading with three of her exceedingly talented photographer friends, Joel Robison, Shane Black, and Rob Woodcox. They’ve already shared a diary from their first stop in Boston, Massachusetts, where they show you remarkable before and after images from their workshop.

Now, the team wants you to join them! They are offering two opportunities to become a Wild One’s intern and go on an all-expenses paid trip with them for a week. And because they’re not only virtuoso artists but charming diplomats, they want a Canadian and a U.S.-based candidate.

So let’s reiterate. You get to go on an adventure with amazing photographers for free and you learn their tricks and talents. Huzzah!


(As a Wild Ones intern, you won’t necessarily need to scale tall buildings, but feel free to ask!)

Here are the nitty gritty details:

Submit a short video of yourself to The Wild Ones Contest group. In the video, explain to them how photography has influenced you and changed your life. Also tell them why you’d like to intern with them (hint: they rock!).

August 20th – 24th for the Vancouver workshop.
Only residents of Canada between 18-30 years old

United States
October 16th-22nd for the two New York City workshops
Only residents of the United States between 18-30 years old

We made it to Toronto!