The Winter Games! The Snow! The City! The Rings! The dogs!

The Flag at City Hall

IMG_0212  whistler-torch-night-celebration-7994  IMG_0210

whistler-park-torch-relay-7483    Speed Skating Lessons in Prince George, BC


Olympic Rings  False Creek 2010

Sled Dogging in Prince George British Columbia

The IOC, the official governing body of the Olympics, has set up their official Olympic photo group for people to share their photos of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, and of the surrounding city of Vancouver.

Photos? Olympics? Yours? Yes! In case there was any doubt, the IOC is pleased to encourage people to share the photos they take during the Olympics. Although as an attendee of an event you do not have commercial rights (ie, you can’t sell your photos) you are encouraged to take photos and share them online.

While we’re at it, we’d like to invite Flickr members who are in the Vancouver area to join us for a meetup on Monday, February 22, at the Yahoo! Sports Studio in Yaletown. We’ll display photos from the Olympics group on Flickr, and provide a warm place for you all to regroup and upload your photos. Our friends from the IOC will also be in attendance, to answer any questions you might have, and to take part in chronicling the Olympics through the community’s perspective.

Photos by BigBean, Robert Scales, and kk+ in the Olympics Flickr group.