Flickr is more fun with friends!

We think that Flickr is the best way to keep up with what’s going on in your world and share your photos with the people you care about. With millions of members on Flickr, there are bound to be a few you have missed along the way. So today, we’re introducing People You May Know, a powerful new tool to help you find and connect with even more members of the Flickr community!


Suggestions are based on your contacts and the people they know. You can add contacts from the Find Your Friends page or right from the new module on your Flickr homepage. You can also designate them as a friend, family or contact right from the modules. If you need even more suggestions, just dismiss the ones that aren’t interesting to you and we’ll come up with some new ones! If you don’t want to be suggested to people, this feature uses the existing “Hide your profile from public searches” setting. So if you already choose to have your profile hidden from searches, it won’t show in this feature either.

Along with this new feature, we’re also introducing a new option to check your contact list on Facebook to see who also has an account on Flickr. Facebook joins our existing list of services including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail – head here to start adding new contacts now!

For more info check out our FAQs. If you have feedback or find a bug let us know in the forum.