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#Flickr10 Samplr Day 9: Home Sweet Home




Those beautiful calm moments when we are at home, surrounding us with neat things, having a nice warm drink, some treats, and a good book to read…
Those are the moments captured in these 10 photos from the #Flickr10 group, your favorites submitted in celebration of our 10th anniversary.

We posted several other #Flickr10 Samplr already, so don’t miss out on them! The final 10th one will be published tomorrow. Thanks again for all your wonderful contributions!

For our next #Flickr10 project, take a look at our announcement of the Global Photo Walk Day and see how you can become part of it.

Photos from SOMETHiNG MONUMENTAL, Dawn Endico, Pfish44, Osarieme Eweka, Kelsey Elinor, *Cinnamon, phil dokas, jordan parks, Hello i’m Wild !, and Sharon Drummond.

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