#Flickr10 Samplr Day 9: Home Sweet Home

Polaroid Clothesline

Rock Fish Love is the sweetest thing (Explored)

Chair / Table

coming up for air happy 10th birthday, flickr!

Well hey there, li’l buddy!

cottage Quiet life.

The Book

Those beautiful calm moments when we are at home, surrounding us with neat things, having a nice warm drink, some treats, and a good book to read…
Those are the moments captured in these 10 photos from the #Flickr10 group, your favorites submitted in celebration of our 10th anniversary.

We posted several other #Flickr10 Samplr already, so don’t miss out on them! The final 10th one will be published tomorrow. Thanks again for all your wonderful contributions!

For our next #Flickr10 project, take a look at our announcement of the Global Photo Walk Day and see how you can become part of it.

Photos from SOMETHiNG MONUMENTAL, Dawn Endico, Pfish44, Osarieme Eweka, Kelsey Elinor, *Cinnamon, phil dokas, jordan parks, Hello i’m Wild !, and Sharon Drummond.

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