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Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, I’m Katharina. I am 21 years old, and after moving a couple of times I’ve settled in my hometown Hermeskeil, a small town in the south-west of Germany. I’m glad to be a country-bred girl: I love the direct connection with nature, the woods, animals, and with all the trimmings. After having finished my studies to be a media designer in June, I’ll travel to Bali next month. In December, I’ll live in and travel through the beautiful country of New Zealand.

week twenty. theme hands.

What did get you started on photography and for how long have you been into photography?
I remember when I first got an analog camera back when I was 10 years old or so. I had so much fun taking pictures of my friends, animals and everything around me. Sadly I didn’t follow that and put the camera away when I went to a new school.
Then, during my apprenticeship as a media designer, I went to a school where several classmates had a camera. This made me remember the good feelings I had when taking pictures back in my childhood. So I started to work in a small café back in 2012 to earn enough money to afford a camera and bought my first DSLR in February 2013 to get back into photography.


What fascinates you about photography? How would you describe your work and photographic style?
I would describe my style as a mix of daydreams and fairytales. The fascinate thing in photography is the way I can deal with my feelings and the way I can convert my daydreams into images. Photography allows me to create the world I would love to live in. And through photography I met wonderful people which I am fortunate enough to call my friends now. It makes me really happy to be connected with so many beautiful souls.

What is your gear and do you use any special settings on your camera or use special techniques?
I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and the 50mm 1.8 and the 24-70mm from Canon as well as a tripod and a Dicapac Underwater bag. Some time in the near future I also want to start analog photography again.

i fall too fast

Are you using any equipment that you would call out of the norm?
I love to create props for my shootings, I made a “DIY rain cape” for my camera using a case of blank CDs, gaffer tape and polythene. This might not be anything special, but it helps me when I’m shooting outside when it’s rainy.

What is your post processing workflow?
I don’t have a fixed post-processing workflow. But, after shooting I go through the pictures and – really old-school – write down on paper which pictures I like and which I want to edit. Afterwards, I create a selection of the images and open them in Photoshop. Finally, I play around with the tools, like the drawing tool, selective color and curves.

What is the best thing about Flickr? When did you first hear about the site and what made you make it the home for your photos?
I heard from Flickr a long time ago, maybe in 2012, when some of my friends created accounts and uploaded their photos. Flickr not only gives me the opportunity to upload my photos in high resolution and a nice design of the photo stream, but also a wonderful community. I have the feeling that the people on Flickr look more intense at a picture and with different eyes than elsewhere. One has the impression that the commenters actually take the time to write their comments or to leave a lovely messages.


Which other Flickr members and/or Flickr groups influence you most?
I love to scroll through the photostreams of Sparrek, Ines Rehberger, Laura Makabresku, Alessio Albi, Rosie Hardy, Bella Kotak, Helen Warner, Elizabeth Gadd, Hanna Malou, Moth Art, Emmanuel Rosario, and many, many more.

What is your 1 favorite photo from your own photostream and why?
I think that would be the self-portrait, where the black color runs down my face. It’s not because I’m in the picture, it’s because it always reminds me of the time I started photography.


And what are your 3 favorite photos from other Flickr members and why?
Well, that’s a hard question, but I think these are my current favorite photos from other Flickr members:


I love everything about this photo. It’s pure magic and every time I see it, I stare at it for a long while. I really like the anonymity of the two girls and the surreal and magical effect through the butterflies.

I’m so in love with this [moderate] artwork. The anonymity of the two girls in the water, the color tones and the flipping hair – I love everything about it.


The composition, the expression of the model, the shades and color tones – the artwork is flawless!

What else do you enjoy besides photography?
I love to spend my time traveling, listening to music, reading books, or in the forest, hanging around and having a great time.

If there was one secret to photography you could share with the Flickrverse, what would that be?
If you have found your passion, pursue it as long as it makes you happy. Be open for criticism, but don’t be swayed by it. Everything takes time to grow. Creativity needs space to grow. Don’t put yourself under pressure, just do it as long as it makes you happy.

In 5 years …
In 5 years i want to work worldwide as an animal rights activists. And I would like to have seen Antarctica.

I'll only fly away

You can find more of Katharina’s photography on her website indpndt-photoart.de, on Facebook, and of course in her photostream here on Flickr.

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