Celebrity Photos on Flickr

Alicia Silverstone

I had a brief jaunt around Flickr looking for some celebrity photos taken by our users, and I wasn’t disappointed. First I saw this picture of Alicia Silverstone taken by Biz Stone. And a quick look around revealed J. Lo, as one commenter describes, being "professionally happy"; Tobey Maguire looking really pasty, Kirsten Dunst drunk on her birthday; Magic Johnson in all his tallness; Renee Zellweger as a brunette; Jeremy Irons, who seems to have eschewed plastic surgery (bravo!), unlike, say, Kiefer Sutherland, who hasn’t eschewed the tanning salon either.

There are other kinds of non-movie-star famous people too, like Bill Gates, or Bill Clinton (I especially like this one of Clinton shaking the hand of a little kid) or Prince Charles and Harry playing polo.