Press press press

A man in a necktie asked me the other day if we’d become shy. Shy? Us? Absurd! But then why were we keeping mum about all the great press we’d been getting lately?

In any case, we’re a site about sharing, so we oughta share! There was an interview with moi in Engadget a week ago that I never spotlighted, as well as an article in the Sunday Edition of the Washington Post by Leslie Walker, Digitized and Brought to Life: New Imaging Allows Miracles Detailed and Deeply Personal which talks about how digital imagery is. It’s a long article, but the “good part” (wink, wink) occurs on the fourth page:

Caterina Fake, co-founder of the Web photo-sharing site Flickr, uses her camera phone to send her mother pictures of airport baggage-claim areas each time she lands on trips, to let her know she’s arrived safely. Flickr, like other Internet photo services, can display photos sent via e-mail or wirelessly from cell phones and laptops.

A friend of Fake’s recently had a baby, and her family documented the event live from the hospital with camera phones, posting the images online so others could watch remotely. “It is a little like having your own personal TV channel or broadcast channel,” said Fake.

There’s another mention of Flickr in a MacWorld Camera Shopping Guide by Derrick Story. He says “Save the Trees But don’t limit yourself to making prints if your ultimate goal is to share images with friends and family—especially if they own computers. Several wonderful online communities, such as Flickr, make it easy for you to upload pictures from your digital camera or camera phone and then publish them for others to view on the Web.” And there was another passing mention in the Chicago Sun-Times.

And while we’re here, let’s look at some photos! Here is a photoset Ice Skating by Saad. You don’t see a lot of photos that are predominantly white, so this one really stands out.