Cool Flickr Stuff happening All Over!!

Here’s a roundup of a bunch of Flickr-enabled, Flickr-enhanced or just plain Flickr enhancements that have been happening all over the place in recent weeks:

eStarling LCD Flickr-enabled Frame

Flickr-enabled LCD Frame

eStarling has released a Flickr-enabled standalone Wi-Fi LCD picture frame, which we’ve always wanted (and which you can make yourself if you’re handy enough). This is the perfect gift for grandma. Plug it in, subscribe to your family’s Flickr feeds, and you’re ready to go! It’s $250 on Thinkgeek (though we’re hoping the price on these will fall when there’s more competition!)

Flickr Photo Booth

At Shine, a bar in San Francisco’s Mission district, there’s a brand new Flickr Photo Booth where barhoppers can take photos, which are immediately uploaded to their photostream, and which they are planning on projecting onto the walls — you’ll be able to see yourself instantly.

MacWorld Flickr’d

Phil Torrone, of Make Magazine has been walking through MacWorld this week taking photos and instantly uploading them to Flickr via WiFi-Kodak wireless camera and the roaming EVDO Wifi network they were broadcasting. The photoset of that walkthrough is here.

New Context Surfing

And if you haven’t seen it yet, mentioned on the Flickr News page, if you click the “more” links and arrows on photo pages, the thumbnails will advance back and forth in the photostream/photoset/pool. Clicking on the photos brings you to the photo pages. AND, if you click the ‘browse’ button in the middle, it’ll take you to the part of the photostream where that photo occurs. I’ve been waiting for this forever. Cool!