Hacking Flickr

I spent more time than I should have playing Fastr this morning, a game where you are shown a group of pictures from Flickr and have to guess the tag before other people do. It’s hella fun!! OK. Don’t everyone hit this all at once and beat up the server.

I also want to bring you attention to the fact that the Flickr Hacks book from O’Reilly has been released in what O’Reilly is calling the “Long Snout”, which is at the other end of the Long Tail: a “Rough Cut” version, which you can get an early copy of digitally, before it goes to press. I wrote a Forward for it, telling a little of the backstory behind the creation of Flickr, and it’s a great little book, like everything in their Hacks series.


Orange Slice of the Gods, by Frans.