Weekend wrap-up

A bunch of quick links for the end of this week. To those who get one, have a great long weekend!

  • QOOP recently launched myCards, standard-sized personalized business cards with your photos, single or double sided. To help get the word out, they are offering Flickr users 50% off all orders until midnight September 17th – that means an order of 48 costs only $4.99 (plus postage). Sign in to QOOP with your Flickr account to get started
  • Popular third party Flickr geotagging service Trippermap has updated its code to support our new geo APIs which means better integration and faster loading. Trippermap let’s you geotag your Flickr photos using Google Earth (watch the video tutorial to see how) and subscribers get embeddable Flash travel maps with Flickr photos for their own site, as well as browsing features using Google Earth and Google Maps.

    (Trippermap was formerly known as Flickrmap, so you might know it by that name instead. Operator Mark Zeman graciously agreed to a name-change due to a trademark issues.)

  • The slightly geekier Yuan.CC set of Flickr tools, which includes GMiF (Google Maps in Flickr) and maps.yuan.cc has also updated to use the new API methods and it looks like adding location info to Flickr photos through syncing GPS tracklogs is around the corner.
  • The developer of chic-looking loc.alize.us and the handy localize bookmarklet (discussion) is also working on support for the new methods.

Finally, we’ll be down for routine maintenance tonight for up to two hours, starting at 10pm paciific time (GMT-8; view in your  timezone). Back up faster and stronger right after! UPDATE: the downtime only took 44 minutes and all systems are GO!

Stenella Frontalis

Great shot of a flying Stenella Frontalis (the Atlantic spotted dolphin) by PedroMadruga. Thanks!