Two Tips of the Hat

Fan Congratulations are in order to Moo for shipping all 10,000 of the free promo card orders! That’s a lot of envelopes to stuff in a very short time — I guess it was fairly predictable, but still pretty impressive that 10,000 Flickr members ordered their free ten-pack of cards in the first week (the promotion is now, sadly, over).

As for the cards themselves, I can’t say it better than Cory Doctorow did on BoingBoing:

It’s hard to convey just how cool-ass these cards are. They feel like a
fetish object, the thick card and soft laminate finish create a great
hand-feel, and they’re visually stunning — playful and intensely

Together with the paid 100-pack orders, that’s hundreds of thousands of cards they’ve shipped a mere two weeks after opening their doors (we’re told the cards went out to 78 countries!). They’ve also got a lot of happy customers, and an extremely active group going (including tons of card shots in the pool). Congratulations, Moo team!

And the second tip of the hat goes to Camp Flickr ( event) to be held in
Allegany State Park in upstate/western New York this coming Friday and Saturday, October 13/14. (This has probably the last weekend for people in this part of the world to camp outdoors before it gets too cold!) The organizers seem to have put a lot of thought into it, everyone is welcome (either to camp or just turn up on Saturday) and you people in Rochester, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Hamilton, Toronto, etc., should all go!

(I found that one while searching for Flickr on Lots of other interesting-looking events coming up, like the first Flickr meet in Mauritius (cool!), the 4th London Flickr Scavenger Hunt, a Photo Safari in Montreal and a Stonehenge meetup (!) for this year’s Winter’s solstice.)