Help Wanted

You might have read in one place or another that Flickr will be available in multiple languages later this year. It’s long been our dream to spread the reach of the Flickrverse beyond those who understand English (or have been able to master our interface) into new communities.

We’re not merely translating what you see around the site, but will be offering customer care, forum support and actively managing and participating in the community to ensure that the Flickr experience around the world has the same magic. That means hiring more people like me — Community Managers — because changing the language of the UI only gets us so far.

Our Community Managers will work closely with Flickr HQ’s development and marketing teams who remain passionate about creating the world’s best online media sharing community. It’s not necessary that you reside within the United States or initially be available for full time employment. We’re looking to hire from within the Flickr community, from our highly talented members.

Your responsibilities as Community Manager will include:

  • Engaging and communicating with the very active Flickr community within groups, the forums and on FlickrBlog to communicate news, help solve problems and help ensure that every member has the experience they want
  • Developing and hosting programs and opportunities for Flickr members to meet and collaborate online and in the real world
  • Working with the Customer Care team to navigate the occasional troubled waters (ie, abuse mitigation)

An ideal candidate should have:

  • Ability to translate from English to local language(s) and vice versa
  • Exemplary communication skills in online environments, on blogs, and as a moderator or facilitator of online forums
  • Experience working with a team developing web-based communities or social software
  • An understanding of web development and web functionality, to be able to explain processes to user and understand bug reports
  • A passion for and skill with photography a plus
  • Flickr member highly preferred

To apply, please send an email to with "Community Manager" in the subject. Include a cover letter and resume: bonus points if the resume can be included in the email or if it is online somewhere and you just send a link (attachments are a little annoying). We smile on those who already have deep experience with Flickr: include a link to your photos page if you have one.