Sometimes We Make Mistakes

One of my favourite FlickrBlog moments was posted by Stewart entitled "Sometimes We Suck" a couple of years ago after a few weeks of hardware debacles that left Flickr rather wanting. Why is that one a favourite? Transparency and honesty are something that I’ve always valued as a cornerstone of what makes Flickr, well Flickr.

To that end, this post is titled "Sometimes We Make Mistakes" given an error of judgment that was made by the team yesterday that resulted in the removal of a photograph from one of our member’s photostream.

Stewart has responded to the various concerns raised by the community in the Forum with a lengthy post:

"…I have to be a little quicker than I’d like because I’m writing this on
a Treo in a car in the desert, coming back from a vacation (I’m not
driving – no worries). I’ve gotten the whole back story from the team
and have read the forums, various Flickr groups topics and blog posts
on this topic (as of a few hours ago), so I have a pretty good idea that we screwed up — and for that I take full responsibility (actually,
several team members are fighting to take responsibility).

There are several policies which will be changing as a direct result of
this incident and the goal is that nothing like this ever happens
again. Any errors from now on should be on the side of caution…"

You can read the full official response here.