More Ways to Upload

experiment nr. 1

Here at Flickr, we want to make sure your photos arrive safely, efficiently, and with style—from wherever!

That’s why I’m pleased to announce that
we’ve partnered with our friends at Microsoft to enable direct to Flickr uploady
goodness in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Windows Live Photo Gallery is an easy way to get your photos off of your camera,
tag them, make simple corrections, and then upload them to Flickr. It also has a wicked
auto-panorama feature to stitch together multiple photographs,
utilizing weird science
direct from the labs of Microsoft Research. Oh yeah, it’s also free.
When we saw it, we immediately knew it would be great for Flickr members.

So, do you use Windows XP or Vista, and want to give it a whirl?
Check out
the beta now!
(You’ll need to run Microsoft Update after installing it in order to get the absolute latest version with Flickr included.) Or, if you prefer, you can wait for the full release, coming soon.

Of course, we’ll be continuing to develop our own upload tools, as well.

Photo from
Hana* Hana.