Edit your photos! On Flickr!

Picnik’s awesome photo editing tools are now only a click away. If you’ve ever wanted to deal with the dreaded red eye or crop a photo just so, click on the new “edit photo” icon located above one of your photos and get started.

We’re thrilled to announce a unique, new partnership with Picnik

Picnik has been providing online photo editing for a while now. As soon as we saw it, we knew that there was huge potential for us to join together. Rather than Flickr diverting from our speciality to enter a realm we had no (particular) expertise in, the thought of a partnership seemed much more sensible.

The Picnik/Flickr collaboration works similarly to other 3rd party services who’ve built additional tools on top of the Flickr API: You’ll need to pass through the step of giving the Picnik service permission to edit and save your photos… It’s a little bit like you’re “installing” Picnik on your Flickr account, but with nothing to download.

Chieka, Parnassus (2002)For more info, feel free to check out Picnik’s FAQs and ours. You can also see more before and after samples in Picnik’s official Flickr group, Picnikers. And, as usual, we love to hear what you think in this Flickr Help forum topic.

To the Picnik team – Mike, Darrin, Monica, Peter, Jonathan, Brian, Steve, Justin and Charlie – thank you. You’ve been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to growing the partnership into the future.

Before and after photos courtesy of Brenda Anderson.
Doggy “artistic Santa rendering” courtesy of heather.