WGA Strike

criss cross applesauce - a tribute

Yesterday, it was announced that this year’s Golden Globes would take on the format of a news conference – a stark change when compared to the show’s traditional ostentatious dinner-party format.

The fact that this event, the unofficial kickoff to Hollywood’s awards season, will be stripped down to the dry essentials of a ceremony, is a testament to the will of the members of the Writer’s Guild of America – who have been striking since November of last year. Without dedicated writers to compose the event’s staple witty banter and honorary speeches – and devoid of the (often) charismatic delivery of these scripts by the actors who support these writers in their resistance — the show, as we know it, can’t go on.

Strikes are difficult for pretty much everyone involved: The writers, networks, all supporting workers, and viewers, in this case. So the fact that they happen is usually a reflection of unrest and imbalance in an industry that is hungry for resolution.

It’s a telling start to a new year in Hollywood. Here’s hoping that a fair solution will be reached. Soon.

For those interested, this blog, bred during this strike, includes a series of recent essays submitted by “prominent – and not so prominent – TV and Film writers.”

Photos from sesame ellis and CXK.