Flickr for Good

Gisimba Memorial Center

The school dress in a blur.

It’s lunchtime. On school days, the older children come back to the orphanage for lunch, a break that splits their day into two. The younger children attand school only in the morning or afternoon.

Gisimba Memorial Center
June 29, 2006
Kigali, Rwanda. Africa.

Sharing your photos with the world is something that’s core to the Flickr community. Sharing is good, but sharing for good is, well, really good.

Some of our members share their photos with a specific purpose in mind — to shine a light on social or global issues. There are many, many “for good” groups (and individuals) who are already here at Flickr, sharing photos of the good works they care about. To celebrate their efforts and to have a place where we share information on charity, issues, or other for good projects, we’ve created Flickr for Good, where we’ll highlight the good works going on around Flickr.

But wait, there’s more!
Working to advance a cause or calling is an integral part of how our global society functions, and being able to use technology to achieve that mission is important. So we’ve partnered with TechSoup, a US based, not for profit, technology group, to donate 10,000 Flickr pro accounts for individuals who work at qualifying “for good” organizations in the US and Canada, with additional countries (UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Spain) expected soon.

If you’d like to apply to receive one of these donated Flickr pro accounts, please visit our partner to get started.

Photo by camera_rwanda/Kresta King Cutcher