A small treat for you groupies!

Groups are at the heart of what makes Flickr… Flickr. If you’re stuck for what to shoot, there are groups that will kick start your creative juices (a day in the life of 6/21, Utata, squared circle, In Numerical Order, and Red Rule to name a few). If there’s something you love to photograph, chances are that there’s more than one group on any given subject where you can share your passion (example: Catchy Colors, Dramatic Color – Bold, Bright, Intense!, Crayonbox, Vivid, VIVID COLOR).

We’ve introduced a couple of new features to make group participation a little easier. In addition to an increase to the number of thumbnails displayed on a group home page, you’ll notice a new link on the group home page — “Add photos.”

When you click “Add photos” you’ll see a new tool. From here, you can add up to 6 photos at a time from your photostream, a set, via a tag search, etc., (though, if the group is throttling submissions of the number of photos you can share, this will be reflected in what you see).

If you’re a group Administrator or Moderator, you’ll see an additional link – “Open this group in Organizr.” Once you’re there, you’ll be able to multi-select photos for removal from the pool. Yes, multi-select!

Oh, and there are new groups created every day. If you’re looking for the latest or want to share your new group, this discussion topic in Flickr Central is a great place to begin. Still can’t find a group that tickles your fancy — why not start your own?

If you encounter any bugs with these new features, please let us know.