Celebrate a day in the life, 6/21

DILO - 20 March 2008

heart of gold    DILO 3.20.08 - Measuring

“A day in the life” (or DILO for short), was first celebrated throughout the flickrverse on October 31st 2004. Since then, the group has grown to almost 5,000 members with quarterly events.

It’s a very simple premise — on the designated day, document your activities and then select 5 to share with the group (the full poop is documented in a variety of languages on the group home page). If you’d like to participate, you’re in luck as this Saturday (June 21st) is a DILO day, with a theme of “green.”

Photos from Computer Science Geek, werewegian, and xsquared featuring the photos from the previous DILO.